Celestial... We moved Heaven & Earth in an effort to bring our customers a celestial theme for their very special event.

Our chocolate celestial items can be used for a baby shower with a nursery rhyme theme or wedding to share memories that will last forever .... Ideas are limited only to the imagination.

Celestial themes are fun and with a small amount of theme designing, you can create a spectacular celestial theme for your guests. We made some of our most popular chocolate moon, sun and stars favors to help get you started. Many of our our chocolates are the right selection for celebrating a baby nursery rhyme theme with ... the cow jumped over the moon!

Our chocolate celestial favors are wrapped in clear bag and tied with colorful curling ribbons and are complete and ready to give straight from the box. All you need to do is have fun decorating your theme party and just sit back and wait for your guests to join in!