Birthday Party... Celebrate someone's birthday with our variety of affordable chocolate birthday party favors in many designs. No matter what age that Special Someone is celebrating, we have a colorful treat that will set the mood for your guests to party with!

Our affordable chocolate birthday party favors include:

Adult Birthday Party Favors, Children Party Birthday Party Favors, Birthday Cake Lollipops, and Foiled Wrapped Number Coins. Let us make your child's first birthday chocolate party favors in bright colors! We also make single numbers and letters for decorating that special birthday cake with style!


Birthday party! Loved and enjoyed by the very young to the very matured! It's celebrated once a year and welcomed with many happy thoughts and anticipated fun ... And who can resist that birthday cake and ice cream!!

Who should host the Birthday Party? Mothers are traditionally the planner, but many dads are fast becoming birthday party planners too! We recommend that the parent involve the child in the planning stages and ask for feedback of what they would like. Children are very good barometers for themes and are willing to share their likes and dislikes quite well. If you want a successful birthday party, you should listen to your child's desires. Of course, there's a limit to those desires ... that adorable little pony comes bearing precious gifts of their own as well. You should ensure that your vendor is responsible for all clean ups and have great entertainment skills geared toward children and adults too!

Who should be invited? Family members, close friends of the family and anyone who is invited to join the fun.

What types of gifts is appropriate? Well, there's two sides to this: children love toys, candy, money. Whereas, parents are more practical and would appreciate clothes, educational toys, books, etc. If you're unsure what to give and you don't want your gift to be a disappointment; give a two-fold gift: a book with a money gift inside or a nice tee shirt with a gift certificate to a video store.

Where should the birthday party be held?

Many households today consist of very busy parents who perform dual roles at home and at work. As a break from tradition, parents have opted to rent a room at a restaurant or a church basement where they can avoid having to clean up or avoid accidents to their furniture/rugs from food spills. In addition to providing space, many restaurants provide entertainment and are well organized to handle these events. Contact your vendor early and schedule a date that will work well with invitees and everyone will have a great time.

Birthday Favors -

We love birthday parties too at Favors To Treasure and we have many birthday favors to confirm just how much we love creating birthday party favors for you! Our birthday party favors are all packaged in a clear bag and tied with curling ribbons in colors of your choice. A chocolate birthday favor is the perfect ending to your candy filled day because hours later your guests will remember your event when they're yearning for a piece of candy! Create a birthday theme with any one of our chocolate favors and create lasting memories. One of our most popular theme is our Cindrella Princess New Jersey Chocolate Favors, Bridal Shower Favors, Baby Shower Favors, and Birthday Party Favors too.. Complete with Cinderella Slipper, Cinderella Carriage, and her Cinderella's Fairy Tale Castle.

Our very popular, I'm 1 birthday lollipop favor is available for ages 1-5 and made with pareils for a fun look. We have birthday cake lollipop favors in a variety of colorful styles and foil wrapped birthday coin favors for ages 25-90 years old.

Are you 100 years young? God bless you! We want to celebrate with your special Centenarian too! We offer a delicious chocolate 100 lollipop for the Centenarian who loves chocolate just as much as we do! Want to make your birthday favor more personalized? We have 4" tall chocolate letters so everyone knows who the birthday boy or girl is with a display of their age number.