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The news of a new baby is an exciting and joyous event! Baby and mom will soon be united for what seemed for more than the expected 9 months. Now is the time for family and friends to come together and prepare for baby's arrival and we're here to help!. Planning for a Baby Shower can be a big responsibility, but with a little bit of planning and ideas, we hope we have given you a head start for planning this very important and loving event for mom and baby. We also offer a wonderful collection of chocolate baby favors all ready for your guests to enjoy and at prices to help with your budget.

Who should host the baby shower? Traditionally, a non-relative was an acceptable individual who could host a baby shower. Today, a family member or friend is allowed. It is not uncommon to have a group of friends or family members host the baby shower. It puts less stress on each individual and the cost is absorbed among a group rather than just one individual.

Who to invite?Typically, only women were invited to a baby shower, but today's trends are geared to a co-ed baby shower consisting of husbands, fathers, brothers and brother-in-laws. Attention should be seriously given toward ensuring that every individual is made comfortable and can be made to feel part of the event. There are many new items in the market that can be used for both the women and men to participate in. There are games that need teams to form, such as "charades", or a card game that asks the individual to "change the baby's diaper". The perfect game for new dads! A good host will ensure that before any invitations or emails are sent, the invitation list gets looked over by the mother-to-be (only if the shower is not a surprise). Also, ask the father if he would like to invite some of his friends.

Will men come to a baby shower? Another way to get guys to come to a baby shower is to choose a theme that guys can relate to, such as sports or something related to the outdoors. A baby bear theme is not likely to appeal to a man, whereas an invitation that states: "Join us for a baby shower for the future quarterback/pitcher/goalie of (insert favorite sports team here)" is likely to appeal. Whatever you do, use your creativity. With a little creativity, and a little luck, invite them and they will come.

Where to hold the baby shower?The host would sometime volunteer to have the baby shower at their own home, but if space and other commitments do not allow this, and there are no other volunteers then it would need to be at an event hall. For a small fee, the local church will rent their reception room. A more lavish place would be a banquet room or restaurant depending on the baby shower theme.

When is the best time to give a baby shower? A reasonable time would be a few months before the 9th month term. Allow plenty of time to ensure that baby won't make an earlier arrival! This also gives the mother-to-be more time to shop for items she may not have gotten at the baby shower.

Types of Baby Shower? This can be the best part of planning a baby shower. If the parents are having a nursery, ensure that items are color coordinated with the nursery's color theme. Also, many nurseries have a character theme or nursery rhyme theme, such as "celestial". chocolate stars and moon favors

Typical baby gender colors of pink and blue are still acceptable, but we are now seeing new trends for baby nursery colors geared towards golds, purples, lavender, moss green and white linen. If you are planning a theme baby shower based on a story book character, then family and friends can feel free to bring a toy based on the character theme or nursery accessories prints based on the main character.

Should favors be given at the baby shower? Baby shower favors are the best way to thank your guests for taking the time to celebrate the little one's soon to be arrival. In turn, it shows appreciation for their kind gifts for mom and baby. We take the guess work of selecting what types of baby shower favors you should give. We offer a large variety of baby shower favors:

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Don't forget to have a Guest Book for your guests to sign as they arrive at the Baby Shower. This book will serve as a scrapbook of memories for years to cherish and remember.