Anniversary...Happy anniversary to our couples celebrating a special anniversary event!

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A wedding anniversary celebrates a married couple's years together as man and wife (formerly, the bride and groom). It is a time where family, and close friends come together to acknowledge and remember those years and to wish them many more. The most celebrated years are the couple's 25th anniversary and the 50th anniversary. At Favors To Treasure, it is an honor to be part of our customer's anniversary celebration and we have created anniversary favors that are based on the traditional anniversary favor as well as theme oriented favors located throughout our web store.

Who should host the Anniversary? Traditionally, children are responsible for planning their parent's anniversary party. If there are no children, a sibling or an aunt/uncle may have the honor of hosting the anniversary event.

Who should be invited? Family members, close friends of the family and ask the couple if they would like their social friends to be invited as well.

What types of gifts is appropriate? The adage ... "what do you give the couple that has everything?" may not always be true! Although the years have accumulated many useful things for this happy couple, things break or become obsolete. A good rule to follow is that the gift should never be too personal unless it is being given by a family member only. Gifts should be practical and useful. Ask the host/hostess for feedback on the type of gift they feel the couple would like or needs. If the couple enjoys an avid sport such as golf, a tee-off time reservation would make a lovely gift.

Anniversary Planning Tips - Your guests have made an endeavor to take time from their schedules to help celebrate this occasion, so it is only appropriate to provide them with a party favor. We understand that there are many types of favors to give, but the traditional gift is and always will be chocolate! It truly is the perfect gift ... Our anniversary favors are available in a host of styles. We created favors that are easy to give and for a more elegant look, we have created boxed favors in traditional silver or gold colors. Every order is made complete and delivered to your door for a hassle-free order. We have chocolate 25 chocolate lollipops, 50 chocolate anniversary lollipops, foil wrapped 25 chocolate coins and 50 chocolate coins favors that will truly celebrate yours or someone's anniversary!

Custom Anniversary Favors -We pride ourselves for delivering popular anniversary favors to our customers. If a custom favor is desired, we will work with you from beginning to end to ensure that we are giving our customers what they asked for and deserve to receive. We guarantee it!